Thursday, August 9, 2018

Free Brake Inspections Secrets You did Not Know!

Free brake inspections are a sham. They get your car up on the rack and go to town on the unsustainable customer. They know you don't have a clue what they are talking about. First they point out the brake pads. and explain the uneven wear are caused by the brake hose and then the brake calipers need to be replaced also. Now you are talking about $300. 
Then they go to the other side to tell you the same exact thing. Their micrometers are set to show your brake rotors Need to be Replaced also. Another $200.                 

The rear brakes are next! They convince you the brake calipers are frozen and need to be replaced. Another $300. The brake rotors are used by the miscalculated micrometers again. Another $200. If they are lucky they will get you for brake hoses too. So in reality Free Brake Inspections are just to get you in the door. Please Be Careful.  the autodude

Beware Used Cars Tricks Secrets

When shopping for a used cars kicking the tires is a poor way to test the vehicle. I can tell you the correct way to test the car. Here are a few ways to test the car instead of kicking them old tires. Please be aware. I am a 27 year Automobile Tech. with ASE Certifications

  • Look under the car for mud and rust. 
  • Look at the front tires for uneven tires
  • Take for a test drive then look under the car for Leaks
  • Listen for engine knocks coming from the motor
  • If the transmission slips in gear get rid of it.
  • If its hard to start get rid of it.
  • While test driving make sure the car goes straight and not pull to one side
  • Of course make sure the Check Engine Light and Brake light is not illuminated
  • Remember once the car is driven off the Lot its your problem NOW. 
  • Now under the hood. The car engine is power washed and shined before sold.
  • Inspect the cracked belts

  • The transmission fluid should be pink in color

  • The engine oil should be light brown color.
  • The antifreeze should be green in color. The brake fluid should be brown Not Black
These are a few things to look for buying a used car. Please feel free to copy and pass it on to your friends. Keep in mind used car dealers DO Not keep up on regular preventive maintinance such as timing belts, fuel filters, transmission filter and fluid change, flush and fill on the antifreeze,  brake fluid flush and fill and Brake and brake hoses. They call this normal wear and tear. YOU are respoFnsiblbe for those expensive repairs.If you are mechanically inclined pull out a spark plug and see how damaged the spark is damaged.
The worst car lot Ive witness was Watch Out!

Sunday, July 15, 2018


ConsumerAffairs Unaccredited Brand
America's CAR-MART does NOT participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program.

Car-Mart has a Bad Reputation. My first question is how can a used car lot buy here pay here kind of place stay in business ripping people off. Have you seen my last post of all the upset people loseing their hard earned money to Car-mart? Once you sign that piece of paper that junk is yours! I tried the normal routine of contacting the Missouri Attorney Generals Office, Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau. The Missouri Highway Patrols Office was contacted for Car-mart selling me a dangerous vehicle. The tires were bald, the Emergency Brake was inoperable and the Brake rotors were paper thin. (Bad Brakes) Nothing worked. This goes to show you Car-mart has a bad reputation.

Here are the Links again. Please read them before buying a used car from car mart.

BBB Rating System Overview For Car-Mart Inc.   F





5 .

Contact Information:

(479) 273-7556
America's Car-Mart, Inc.
802 Southeast Plaza Ave., Suite 200
Bentonville, AR 72712
See More Contact Options
Find a Location
BBB File Opened: 04/25/1995
Business Incorporated: 10/02/1989 in AR
Type of Entity
Contact Information
Principal: Mr. William Henderson, President
Mr. Ryan Anderson, Satellite Manager
Mr. Antwan Baker, General Manager
Mr. Dishawn Bell, General Manager
Mr. Kevin Brehmer, General Manager
See More Contact Information

Business Category
Used Car Dealers
Alternate Business Names
Car-Mart of Russellville
Car-Mart of Searcy
Car-Mart of Clarksville
Car-Mart of Hope
Car-Mart of Magnolia
See More Alternate Business Names

Industry Tips
BBB Tip: Buying a Used Car
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Friday, July 13, 2018


CAR-MARTS BUY HERE PAY HERE just sounds cheap! They throw the cheapest parts on your car just to sell it to you. Once you drive it off the lot its your problem now. They clean up the mud under the car and in the engine compartment to hide the flooded damage. I know because I found mud once I got home. Any place that advertises buy here payhere BEWARE and stay away. Used Car Lots are bad news. You are just buying someone elses problem. The maintanance on the vehicle has never been kept up to date such as, Timing Belt every 60,000 miles, coolant flushn fill once a year, fuel filter once a year, oyxgen sensor every 60,000 miles, Transmission Fluid changed every 30,000 miles, Sparkplugs every 2 years. As you can see Car-Marts Buy Here Pay Here is ripping you off.

2012 mazda mazda3
2012 Mazda 3
Never trade in a nice car. You will never get it back. I traded in a $10,000 2012 Mazda 3 and a $500 down payment to show good faith. I never received a cent back. All this was taken in 3 months!This Mazda was well taken care with $600 worth of tires.

I read afterwards they take Farm Animals for trade ins!

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Car-Mart A Bad Choice
If you are out looking for a dependable used car, DO NOT consider car-mart as an option. Believe me, I spent over 25 years as a ASE Certified repair technician. I found dirt and mud under the intake manifold plastic cover. It was hidden very well! The tires were bald  and the 3rd brake light was inoperative. I do not know how it passed a Motor Vehicle Inspection in Saint Joseph Missouri. The brakes were so worn down the Emergency Brake did not work! Thats scarry! The Check Engine Light Illuminated all of the time. So please remember car-mart would be a bad choice.

Once you sign their contract you belong to them! They say if you have any problems, we will work with you. That is a big fat lie. You will get at least 3 phone calls a day everyday reminding you when the payment is due. The GPS tracking device they installed on that vehicle will follow you every where you go. Your privacy is no longer private. One day late, they will send their goons out to demand the key back. It does not matter where you are at in a public place or your own home they will approach you. In public it will be very emberresing for you. So far you can see car-mart would be a bad choice. 

You can try calling the Missouri Attorney Generals Office but you will find out thats a waste of time. Missouris Consumers Affairs shows no inteest in helping you. The Better Business Bureau does not even have them listed. It just shows an "F"! 


Within 3 months, My $9,000.00 trade in and the $500 down Payment were gone! Car-Mart damaged my Credit Report for 7 years now! As you can see, car-mart is a Bad Choice!

If you still want a car-mart car I encourage you to read these VERY BAD REVIEWS FIRST!

PATTERN OF COMPLAINTS In March 2014, BBB advised America's Car Mart of continued concerns regarding the volume and the pattern of complaints received from customers. Repetitive issues in complaints involve the inability of customers to "buy here, pay here" as promised by the company. Additionally, multiple consumers complain about the business not returning phone calls, text messages or emails. The company submits a standard response to each complaint that due to privacy concerns, it will not discuss the matter with the BBB but instead will talk directly with the customer. However, customers indicate the company will not communicate with them as promised. BBB asked the company to advise what action it would take to eliminate the pattern of complaints. As of May 12, 2014, the business has not responded. Make sure to Read all links! Happy Car Hunting! 

This Business Is Not BBB Accredited

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Saturday, July 7, 2018


Car-Mart is the worst used car,buy here pay here,2nd chance financing, to take your very nice trade in to. You will never get it back if the car-mart-junk dosent work out for you. I tried contacting the Missouri Attorney Generals office, The Better Business Bureau, and the Consumer Affairs office.

Despite the Telephone Harrasment, Stalking, and Early reposession Car-Mart performs on all cars once you sign that paper your life is over. Your best bet is if you see a car-mart lot just keep on going! The amount of complaints against car-mart on the web cant be all listed here. They do nothing to resolve your problems.The harrasing phone calls are around 5 per day. The stalking is done by the GPS installed on the cars. They know where you are and where you go at all times. Its kind of creepy!

When their site says they accept small farm animals for trade ins I felt dumb useing my 2012 Mazda 3 giving them the benefit of the doubt. 2 months prior I paid $9,000 and bought $600 worth of tires for it. 3 months into this contract they reposessed the car I was interested in and refused to give back mytrade in.

Just rememberCar-mart was and is the worst place to go!

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